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Key benefits

Improve assessment / examination results

Students retain more between classes receiving spaced learning reminders of key learning.

Raise attendance / engagement levels

Remind students to attend classroom sessions and prompt completion of assignments.

Easy to use and time efficient

Reap the benefits of spaced learning without increasing your administrative workload.
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Retenda gets results

Learning effectiveness between classes can be dramatically improved through the delivery of spaced learning reminders of key curriculum content. By reducing forgetting between sessions, teachers and tutors can dedicate more time to deliver more personalised learning support to students. This translates into improved assessment and examination results, as well as value added measures.

Second nature to secondary students

Retenda uses a tailored mix of messaging media that students in Year 7 and up are more fully conversant than many adults - SMS text message, email and web based content. By "pushing" reminders of key learning to students between class sessions, exposure to key curriculum content is raised.

Higher Value Added for HE

Retenda is a powerful tool for higher education colleges and universities in raising the cumulative value they add to their students. Spaced learning support reduces forgetting between sessions.

Raise attendance

Retenda can be used prior to a classroom session to remind students to attend as well as for post learning support. This can be important where student motivation and behavioural issues are additional barriers to delivering an effective learning experience.

Supports future educational strategy now

The use ICT and e-learning to support and improve education at all levels is an increasingly important strategic priority. The Government is actively pursuing widening access to education through improved digital infrastructure Digital Britain and organisations such as Becta support using technology to personalise and mobilise the learning experience for learners of all ages. Retenda is a service that brings this vision to life.

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More research proving the power of the spaced learning. In a time of economic and social uncertainty, we should be making sure our education and training practices are as potent as possible. The relatively simple integration of spaced exposure and practice will make a big difference at a relatively modest cost.

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The National Audit Office (PDF link) has published a report on the government's skills requirements which criticise the heavy waste of investment and lack of data on both the costs and benefits of training and development.

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