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Key benefits

Improved ROI and attendance

Remind and reinforce delegates of their experience before and after the event

Maximise value for delegates

Remember your speakers key messages, new product information or new business priorities

Extended revenue opportunities

Communications from Retenda can carry your own or a sponsor's brand
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Memorable Conferences & Events

Whether it's a paid for Conference or an internal corporate event, Retenda helps your delegates remember keynote speakers, key messages, new product information or new business priorities. Help your delegates get the maximum value from their time at your Conference or Event by remembering key content.

Improved ROI, Improved Attendance

Everybody needs to justify the cost and time of delivering or attending Conferences & Events. Use Retenda to support your key event objectives. Retenda will remind & reinforce the delegates of their event experience, support their learning & deliver an improved Return on Investment for you as the organiser and them as the attendee. Use Retenda to attract & justify more paying delegate attendees.

Sponsor Branded Communications

All pre and post event communications from Retenda can carry your brand or a sponsors brand. Email, SMS & Print can all be automatically configured to carry names & logos to remind all your delegates of key sponsors brands, along with their key messages, for months afterwards. Retenda provides the fulfilment whilst delivering great value for Sponsors.

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Blog: latest posts

Spaced learning - a better way to remember

More research proving the power of the spaced learning. In a time of economic and social uncertainty, we should be making sure our education and training practices are as potent as possible. The relatively simple integration of spaced exposure and practice will make a big difference at a relatively modest cost.

Government report highlights ineffectual 275m training spend - poor transfer to blame

The National Audit Office (PDF link) has published a report on the government's skills requirements which criticise the heavy waste of investment and lack of data on both the costs and benefits of training and development.

Memory Works Differently in the Age of Google

The rise of Internet search engines like Google has changed the way our brain remembers information, according to research by Columbia University psychologist Betsy Sparrow.