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What it does

Retenda is a hosted web service that uses the proven principles of Spaced Learning to improve the level of memory retention following any learning activity or event.

Administered by a tutor, trainer or other facilitator, Retenda sends predetermined and structured reminders of your key learning content using a variety of media including email, post, SMS text message and voice calls. The learner receives these messages in a format and time sequence that optimises their long term recall of your key learning content.

Once set up with your information, Retenda automates the whole process leaving you with very little administrative overhead.

How it does it

Retenda allows you to manage a portfolio of learning events (courses, training sessions etc) each of which has key learning content you wish your attendees to remember and act upon. Using the easy to use web interface, you can add contact details of attendees and trigger customised "Cycles" of messages which they will receive in a predetermined mix of email, SMS text message and post over a set period of time. The nature and type of Cycle will vary depending on your needs and can be optimised to your specific learning environment.

At key stages in a Cycle, learners can be asked to complete online evaluation forms that can be used to assess learning effectiveness and to direct personalised support where it is most needed.

Getting started

It's easy to get up and running with Retenda. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Sign up to open an account with Retenda.

  • Enter the details of your courses, classes, training sessions and the contact details of the learners who attend.

  • Enter the date and location details of the course event you are running and allocate the contacts that will be attending

  • Choose a Retenda Cycle that fits your needs and set the date and time you would like messages to begin.

  • Make sure you have enough Retenda Credits (you can easily and securely buy more online) and when you are ready hit the Start button.

  • That's it!

To get a feel for the Retenda service, try the free demo now to receive a short series of messages.


Show me a demo


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