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Key benefits

Increase memory retention and recall

Automatically support your learners to remember and act on new skills and behaviours

Improve training effectiveness

With less forgetting between training sessions you can transfer training into performance

Save time and money

Achieve much more in less time, adding significant value to available training budgets
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Make your training count

Use Retenda to support your training delivery and greatly increase your trainees' memory retention and recall of your key learning content. You will be able to demonstrate an improved return on training investment through lower retraining costs and more rapid gains in productivity and performance for both the individual and their organisation.

Add value to your customers

Organisations value employees who can quickly turn new knowledge and skills into positive performance in the workplace. Spaced learning support gives learners the right level of confidence to recall training they receive and put it into practice. Faster behavioural change leads to sustained improvement in the job.

Add value to your training business/function

Use Retenda to increase revenues and profitability by offering your customers an enhanced service beyond the point of delivery. You will be able to differentiate your organisation from your competition and therefore attract and acquire new customers helping you sustain and grow your business.

Save time and money

Retenda requires no specialist training and, once set up, literally runs itself. This means there is little administrative overhead for you to offer post learning support.

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Blog: latest posts

Spaced learning - a better way to remember

More research proving the power of the spaced learning. In a time of economic and social uncertainty, we should be making sure our education and training practices are as potent as possible. The relatively simple integration of spaced exposure and practice will make a big difference at a relatively modest cost.

Government report highlights ineffectual 275m training spend - poor transfer to blame

The National Audit Office (PDF link) has published a report on the government's skills requirements which criticise the heavy waste of investment and lack of data on both the costs and benefits of training and development.

Memory Works Differently in the Age of Google

The rise of Internet search engines like Google has changed the way our brain remembers information, according to research by Columbia University psychologist Betsy Sparrow.